No-one can deny the many strange triangular and cigar-shaped craft which are flying silently over our heads, both day and night. These have been reported by thousands of people across the world. I am sure we, or one of our neighbors, have seen them. These craft are from our military who have developed forms of energy which are far beyond mainstream science, sometimes decades ahead of what we think we have available.

These craft can go anywhere. Out into deep space or beneath the oceans are both possible due to the advanced technology they are using.

I realise many of us would have to change careers if this technology was brought out into the open, yet humanity needs it desperately in spite of this. The fear we feel is natural, however there are many interesting and amazing uses for this technology which can be found once it is disclosed and our skills as scientists are still going to be extremely useful and needed in that new world after the paradigm shift.

The challenge will be for us all remain humble and to move from the world we know into the world we dont yet know. Look forward to this change because it is coming and because we can help bring a better life to many of us who are currently suffering here on Earth.